Arcis Biotechnology is enabling earlier, more accurate, cancer detection and is currently awaiting closure pending final checks.

The story

Obtaining genetic material from biological samples is a critical step in molecular biology which is often time-consuming and inefficient, typically taking between 24-72 hours.


In less than 3 minutes and with no prior sample preparation, Arcis’ products allow users to quickly and conveniently go from “raw” biological material to processed nucleic acid that is ready for investigation.

Alongside capitalising on an $18.1bn market opportunity, the implementation of Arcis’ technology could save the lives of sufferers who are, unfortunately, otherwise diagnosed too late for effective treatment.

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A Qualified Chartered Accountant by background, Peter thrives on driving business change through an Organisation. Peter was a key member of the SSL Executive Team that accepted an acquisiton bid from Reckitt Benckiser for £2.54 billion in 2010. He headed up the Innovation & Technology teams in SSL. Peter thrives on building high performing teams and giving them the remit, funds and business focus to produce exciting tangible results.

January 2018 update

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The lead investor

Andrew Parker is a pharmacist by training, whose career highlights include being a director and shareholder of PCT Healthcare Holdings. He is currently both a supporter and investor in various life science companies.

What investors say

‘I have invested in a number of Arcis’ investment rounds due to the strength of the IP, the resilience of the team and their ability to create strategic value.’

– David E, investor

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