Biotechspert is developing a freelance consultancy platform that seeks to instantly connect businesses with leading experts in the bioscience sector, driving innovation, growth and investment. Biotechspert completed its funding round on SyndicateRoom in September 2017, raising £236,099.

The story

Biotechspert is an analytics platform that facilitates access to specialist technical, scientific and commercial expertise on a global scale. Biotechspert has developed algorithms to identify, map and rank experts in very specific market niches. For instance, a VC associate in need of quickly speaking to some key opinion leaders regarding a new pathway in cystic fibrosis may choose to pay Biotechspert to identify the leading experts in this field and connect with them over the phone.

The team

Biotechspert was founded by COO Graham Mills and CEO David Holden-White, because they both felt there was a significant challenge with accessing specialist expertise in the sector from investor and SME perspectives.

Since graduating from Oxford with a First Class Master's in Biochemistry, David has continued to work in the field of biotech innovation. He spent two years at Carpmaels and Ransford as a Patent Attorney specialising in biotechnology, gaining intellectual property certification from Queen Mary’s University. He subsequently moved to Cambridge and completed the Bioscience Enterprise Master's. David has worked in corporate development for Psyomics, a Cambridge-based diagnostics company, helping it grow from pre-seed through to Series A. Since April 2017 he has been dedicated full-time to Biotechspert.

The lead investor

Zack Feather founded Asclepius Global, a healthcare staffing and IT consultancy, in 2006. The company grew rapidly to achieve revenues in excess of £60m in 2013, when it was acquired by private equity firm Blackstone. Zack is a global leader in the healthcare recruitment and analytics field and currently sits on the board of five companies in the sector including Coben Medical, Draper and Dash, and Umed.

Staying ahead in the rapidly evolving healthcare and life sciences sector requires rapid access to the world-leading scientific, technical and clinical specialists, in precisely the required niche… current solutions are longwinded and labour intensive.

Zack Feather

Biotechspert lead investor

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