Bockatech has developed a sustainable plastic alternative, EcoCore™, for use in the manufacture of packaging. The business successfully closed its SyndicateRoom round in December 2019.

The story

Last year, we threw away 2.5bn disposable cups in the UK alone – that’s roughly 38 per person. For every one cup that was recycled, 399 ended up in landfill or the oceans.

Bockatech has developed EcoCore™, a recyclable material that is cheaper, greener and more reliable than single-use plastic.

Bockatech’s EcoCore™ is a patented platform technology that can be used in the manufacture of multiple packaging applications to improve their performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. Bockatech believes that its technology is particularly suited to applications such as cups, tray containers, tubs and pots. These represent ~44.2% of the global rigid plastic packaging market.

Bockatech is working in partnership with Borealis AG, a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilisers with a €7bn turnover, to develop lightweight container packaging applications. This includes reusable coffee cups, ice cream containers, soup cartons, meat trays (for a US supermarket to replace its current EPS trays), trays for food on aeroplanes, selectively insulated reusable cold cups (initially for stadiums and festivals), noodle pots in Japan and returnable agricultural dunnage such as tomato plant trays.

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