In November 2015, Check4Cancer closed its funding round after raising £550,543 todrive top line growth through brand building and customer acquisition.

The story

Early detection saves lives. According to Cancer Research UK, the survival rate for people with eight of the most common cancers is more than 3 times higher if diagnosed early. However, there is currently a need for improved awareness and early detection, which is not being provided by the NHS.

Check4Cancer is a private healthcare service that makes it convenient, comfortable and easy to diagnose cancers early, empowering the community to detect, treat and prevent incidences of cancer. The company offers the latest proven testing technologies and methodologies, covering 85% of all cancer incidence in the UK.

Check4Cancer is supported by a clinical advisory team of leading professors and surgeons in each cancer field, and is led by Professor Gordon Wishart, an expert in the field of breast cancer, and Troels Jordansen, an international Healthcare executive with a strong background in sales and marketing. The lead investor was Kevan McDonald - a former partner at Dixon Minto who acted on the purchases and sales of several hundred companies and businesses during his professional career. One of his greatest success stories as an investor was Black Circles, in which Kevan was an early investor. Black Circles was recently sold to Michelin for £50m.

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Where are they now?

From its beginning in 2008, with a single BreastHealth UK clinic in Cambridge, Check4Cancer has grown rapidly. The company now has more than 85 clinics across the UK, capable of early diagnosis of not just breast cancer, but cancers of the bowel, lung, cervix, prostate and skin. It now owns 90% of GeneHealth UK, the market leader in private provision of counselling and genetic testing for cancer.

Check4Cancer has now launched GynaeCheck: a cervical cancer test that can be used by women in the privacy and comfort of their homes, whilst continuing to broaden the network of consultants to whom they can refer clients with abnormal screening tests results identified using the above services, providing the comfort and confidence of fast, proactive assessment.

With revenues of approximately 1.3m p.a. from around 70 corporate clients (e.g. Hewlett Packard, BBC, Sky, Deloitte, Hogan Lovells, BNY Mellon, Dixons Carphone) and an increasing number of private self-pay clients, Check4Cancer is now preparing for global growth. The number of corporate clients is expected to double from 2015 to 2016, with new corporate customers VW, BDO, Franklin Templeton Investments, Aegas, Wiley, THB Group and Vanquis already confirmed for 2016. Recently, Check4Cancer also revealed its newest partner: Leading UK health services provider, Cigna UK HealthCare Benefits.

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