CommonTime Limited

Following a successful raise of £751,112 in 2015, CommonTime is pursuing its objective to make business mobile.

The story

With 20 billion mobile devices estimated to be in worldwide use by 2020, the pressure’s on for businesses to ‘go mobile’. But the transition to mobile devices is difficult, and often requires IT specialists to create a new application for different devices (iPads, android phones, windows laptops, and so on).

CommonTime’s ‘mDesign’ helps businesses easily create mobile-friendly apps with a slick drag’n’drop interface, which replaces the complex coding usually required for building or creating apps. Apps created using mDesign not only look good, but are capable of adapting to changing devices, operating systems and business processes.

Where are they now?

CommonTime won Rolls Royce’ ‘Innovative Business of the Year’ award in 2011, and was one of only twelve in 5000 small tech companies to be shortlisted for TechMarketView’s ‘The Little British Competition 2015’.

Between January and June 2015, CommonTime has secured numerous multi-year deals with a range of companies in the transport, housing and healthcare sectors worth a combined £2,737,000.

This EIS-eligible round was led by angel investor James Chancellor, who has several successful exits and 20 years experience in stockbroking to his name.

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