Dem DX

Dem DX is a medical education app focused on training medical professionals to make better diagnoses in a clinical setting.

Dem DX overfunded to £524,868 via SyndicateRoom in August 2017.

The story

Dem Dx is a medical pedagogical app designed to teach medical practitioners better diagnostic skills.

Founded in 2015, Dem DX aims to eventually become the primary educational platform through which healthcare professionals provide their contributions, access expert’s peer-reviewed content, and the latest evidence-based protocols across the globe.

It arrives at a diagnosis using a clear, step-by-step, clinical reasoning process, taking the user systematically through the relevant history, examination, and investigations. At each stage of the diagnostic pathway, the user can view explanations of the clinical reasoning driving the decision-making process.

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Dem Dx currently contains more than 1,300 diagnoses obtained by means of more than 100,000 diagnostic algorithms and provided by more than 200 medical contributors, including medical students, registrars and consultants.

Since the product was launched on iOS, it has been downloaded over 20,000 times in less than 6 months across over 120 countries and has initiated a key institutional partnership with a leading European medical institution.

Now entering a $27.17bn global market, the company is aims to used funds raised to further develop its technology and increase its marketing presence.

CEO Lorin Gresser is leading the commercial development of the business and sales to medical faculties. Lorin has a BA from Cambridge University and subsequently trained as a doctor at King College Medical school, with clinical years at St Thomas Hospital, Guys Hospital and Kings Hospital London. She has a particular interest in immunology and autoimmune diseases. She also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. In addition to her medical background, Lorin has ample professional experience having previously worked as a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and as Head of Alternative Investments and Product Strategy at Threadneedle Investments.

The lead investor

Tyhoa Kobler is part of lead investment team HK Anchor, who led this funding round. Tyhoa has a background in finance and private equity investing. She began her career in investment banking at Bankers Trust and subsequently joined the private equity division of Deutsche Bank. She was a founding member of TDR Capital, a mid-market pan-European private equity fund. She subsequently returned to Hong Kong to join the Asian Private Equity division of Lehman Brothers. Tyhoa is a graduate of Wellesley College and Harvard Business School.

'I was struck by [CEO] Lorin's conviction in the product and by the value proposition to a number of potential user types… There was and continues to be validation of its competitiveness from leaders in the medical field.'

– Tyhoa Kobler, on behalf of investment team HK Anchor

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What investors say

'When I invest I look for three things: product, opportunity and the team to deliver it. DemDx have these in abundance. The market opportunity and potential for social good is immense and ripe for exploiting. The product and quality of insight and input similarly so. And the team have a breadth and depth of experience and expertise that made this a compelling opportunity for me.

The traction they have gained in such a short space of time supports my view of the company and is immensely pleasing and encouraging.'

– Mark C, investor

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