EnteroBiotix is pioneering treatments for diseases associated with imbalances of gut-dwelling microbes. The business successfully surpassed its funding target on SyndicateRoom in January 2019.

The story

Only 43% of your body is human – the rest is microbes, scientists believe. Hosts to approximately 100trln of them, our bodies are largely uncharted territory in this respect; but research has linked imbalances in our gut bacteria to intestinal infections, liver disease and even multiple sclerosis.

EnteroBiotix is a biopharmaceutical company that is pioneering novel medicinal products to treat diseases associated with imbalances of gut-dwelling microbes. These products build on the science and clinical success of a medical treatment called faecal microbiota transplantation.

EnteroBiotix has established, staffed and integrated an ISO-accredited donation facility and fully-equipped GMP manufacturing facility to manage the collection, processing and formulation of products derived from healthy human donations. The company has developed and commercialised its market entry product offering for use in C.difficile infection and is now working on additional products targeted at different indications.

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