You’ve likely been to an optician and had a moment where they look through a small device while shining a light in your eye. Sometimes you blink a lot and sometimes your eye darts around too quickly, making the viewing take longer than necessary. With Epipole’s series of ‘epiCams’, they can record this examination and play it back for further inspection.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in March 2020.

Using the epiCam.

The story

"This project is a matter of immense personal satisfaction as it addresses a growing need in the developing world, as well as providing a challenge to established technologies which currently dominate the market at a substantial premium."

Epipole was founded by an expert in vision systems, algorithm development and mathematical problem solving, Dr Craig Robertson. He works with Bob Henderson, who has over 35 years of experience in optical design and over 15 years in retinal imaging.

Using an epiCam at the vets.

With the epiCam series, accompanying relatives and parents can see in real-time what the optometrist or ophthalmologist is seeing. For veterinarians, minimal handling is needed, reducing stress on the pet and owner. Overall, more time can be spent studying the image, and photos can be easily stored in patient records.

In late 2015 Epipole won the Higgs EDGE Award, a special award aimed at engineering, science or technology based businesses who have a product, or product under development, which is scalable and capable of globalisation.

More information can be found on the Epipole website.

Video and images can be recorded for later examination.

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