Evince Technology Limited successfully overfunded to £750,420 in its 2016 round on SyndicateRoom.

The story

Evince Technology is revolutionising the electronics industry with its synthetic diamond-based semiconductors, which have the potential for up to 100 times better performance than silicon.

The team has made a fundamental patented breakthrough that unlocks this potential by combining advanced semiconductor and vacuum microelectronics concepts to create its platform technology.

With the support of an Innovate UK SMART development grant, Evince completed Proof of Concept trials of its technology in December 2014, and this funding round will allow the team develop its first industry-ready prototypes.


The Evince team have had extensive discussions over the potential of its technology with ABB, Alstom, GE and Siemens amongst others.

Rolls-Royce, Dynex Semiconductor and GE have agreed to act on a Commercial Advisory Board supporting Evince’s Innovate UK project.

Evince’s SyndicateRoom round was supported by lead investor James Morton, a PhD Economist with a lifetime’s experience in international development.

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