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Employees receive messages from multiple sources during a day, Fantoo enables users of its platform to simplify this by only presenting them with important messages.

Fantoo raised £585,885 via SyndicateRoom in November 2017.

The story

Fantoo is operating in the business communication and productivity market, offering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Fantoo filters the important emails only, enabling the user to create a task from a message to clearly define the action needed. At this point, the user is able to outline how long the task is likely to take and when it is due. The result is that the user has a clearly defined list of tasks and their respective due dates. With their availability during the working week provided by the calendar function, the user can schedule appropriate time to complete these tasks. The team believes its product helps the user to feel in control of their day and the necessary actions needed to create the optimal business outcomes.

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In addition to this process flow, Fantoo enables the user to focus upon their key contacts and the interactions that they commonly have with people, ensuring that users can find and action upon information more quickly.

The company believes that initially, revenue would be made on a user-by-user basis, but hopes to quickly move on to teams and corporate services for departments and business uses. The subscription would be based upon a per-user-per-month basis.

Fantoo was hand-picked by Michael Dell to become Dell’s First Global Start-up in residence. This resulted in a close working relationship with Microsoft, opening routes to market that Fantoo believes are game changing for an early-stage business.

The company has continued to attract some of the industry’s leading professionals, including Oracle. Together, they are helping to drive the go-to-market strategy of the company.

The team

The company was founded by Jordan Fanta, who is responsible for Fantoo’s strategic direction, as well as product and go-to-market strategy. He has 20 years’ experience developing and commercialising innovative software and hardware, including the pioneering of wireless headphones for Fortune 500 companies such as Reebok and Intel. He was driven to found Fantoo by his own experience of email overload and anxiety over his productivity as a business user. Perplexed by the lack of innovation in this space, he sought to deliver an effective solution to a universal problem.

The lead investor

Martin Charmoy is Managing Director of Prosperity Capital Management, responsible for promoting the company’s range of funds to the European, Middle-Eastern and Latin American institutional clients. Martin invests primarily in listed markets, but will occasionally invest in early-stage companies that he finds very interesting and where there is an opportunity for him to be involved in their development.

Fantoo is gaining traction in the marketplace to enable the company to grow its developer and sales personnel base to ensure market and platform reach.

Martin Charmoy

Fantoo lead investor

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