infloAi gives companies a sustainable way to monetise their online presence by curating digital content for blogs, websites and social media channels. Its machine learning technology can aggregate text, images and video from any public website, producing an unrivalled range of content to complement brands and engage audiences.

The company completed a funding round via SyndicateRoom in August 2018, details are pending final checks.

The story

Brands need to consistently publish relevant content across all of their digital channels (blogs, social media etc.) to boost and grow online engagement with customers. This has historically been a labour-intensive task as browsing and editing material is time-consuming and monetising content effectively is difficult.

infloAi was established with the aim of making it easy for companies to monetise their audience with the supply of targeted advertising alongside relevant content delivery. Its platform automatically curates and categorises a wide variety of content mediums (text, video and imagery) using proprietary machine-learning technology. The workflow tool then allows content teams to quickly source and filter information, edit the content to match their brand tone, and publish stories across digital channels quickly and efficiently.

The company is already generating revenue across both of its two services, infloAi Feed and infloAi Edit. It was nominated one of the top 50 emerging UK innovations at the 2017 Penrose Awards and has pilots in place with Premier Inn and Novus Leisure.

Co-Founder Adam leads the company's operations. He has worked in a number of tech-enabled businesses responsible for managing operations, product delivery and sales growth. Adam is assisted by fellow Co-Founder Toby, who is the Product Lead for the company. Together, the two co-found the first iteration of infloAi: SportsFix - an iPhone and Android app released in 2015 allowing users to follow their favourite teams and athletes through preference-based news summaries.

The lead investor

Richard Tufft earned an MA (Hons) in Modern History from the University of Oxford in 1996. He held senior positions at Goldman Sachs for over 15 years, helping dictate the firm’s equity decisions across the world and advising on a number of key IPOs including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Square. Richard has been investing in early-stage tech companies for the last 12 years. infloAi is one of the only business he has seen that is at the intersection of what he considers to be the three hottest areas: machine learning, content provision and targeted advertising.

What investors have to say

"Insight from data is critical for all consumer business and effective curated editorial is key to insight."

"I am extremely impressed with what infloAi has achieved to date, their proprietary technology, their market positioning and their approach to building these pioneering services. The timing I believe is also perfect, with many customers already very eager to utilise the technology. I firmly believe in the business and I’m delighted to be part of the journey."

"infloAi’s advertising play is a brilliant concept. A consolidated technology and media play that doesn’t cannibalise the media sources on which it relies. I think it will be highly successful as a result."

"Since first investing in Adam and Toby, I have seen them adapt their model continuously. Despite running a team of top software developers, they are down to earth enough to understand the needs of their clients and have been willing to change course to ensure development is always improving their software and making them ever more commercial."

"As an ex-CEO of a large agency group, its easy to recognise the value this product suite will bring to agencies and clients. There are a few established products in the content space but they come up wanting when you consider brand’s differing needs today. infloAi is built for today’s content landscape, offering one single interface to create and publish. Their AI expertise is second to none and is genuine which is also a huge advantage."

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