Inn Style

With lead investment from Henry Catchpole and Mark Aldridge, Inn Style successfully raised £150,000 to focus on customer acquisition for its quick, slick and simple holistic software solution for B&B owners.

The story

The accommodation industry is worth billions of pounds, and the UK B&B Association estimates that the UK B&B space alone is worth well over £2bn. Yet it is littered with legacy software, which makes for a clunky experience for accommodation owners, guests, and anybody who tries to facilitate a relationship between the two – web designers, for instance.

The Inn Style founders were those web designers, desperately looking for something that they could recommend to their clients. But they never found it, so they built it.

Inn Style is completely self-service. You can sign up at and – without any interaction from the Inn Style team – start taking bookings and payments within ten minutes, on any device (even a mobile phone). There are no nauseating sales calls or product demos. There's no software to install. No card terminal to configure. Everything is done in a web browser.

The ultimate goal for Inn Style is to build a network of accommodations with real-time availability (even _guesses _if rooms are available), thus generating business for accommodation owners as well, for a greater slice of commission.

Inn Style On The Go

Where are they now?

Inn Style helped The Pop Up Hotel, which provides luxury accommodation for the Glastonbury Festival, organise the sale of £50,000 worth of tent space last year. Mark Sorrill, Managing Director of The Pop Up Hotel, says of Inn Style:

'Using Inn Style has taken away the stress of managing bookings and allows us to focus on what we do best, which is creating unique accommodation experiences for our customers.'

In April 2015, Inn Style partnered with to create 'InnSync'. A spokesperson from Inn Style said:

' is a firehose of bookings that needs to be managed. InnSync provides a little calm in this storm of bookings.'

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