inploi provides a recuitment platform to make listing and looking for jobs easy and clear.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in February 2020.

The story

"Speaking with employers, it was clear that the software and recruitment channels available were causing major problems for them too: they made finding the people required to effectively run a business much more difficult than it needed to be."

inploi was inspired by its founders’ difficulty of finding a job online during their studies. They saw job boards and recruitment apps as outdated technology with bad user experience and low response rates.

A profile page on inploi

For candidates looking for jobs, inploi acts as a social network - they create a profile, follow companies they’re interested in and can search for jobs. There’s in-built chat, voice and video calling to communicate with potential employers.

For companies listing jobs, inploi sends out job postings to popular job sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor, pointing applicants back to inploi and ranks their suitability using AI. Interviews and trial shifts can be booked from within the inflo platform.

More information can be found on the inploi website.

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