In March 2014, Invrep successfully raised £150,000 to accelerate development of its reporting platform.

The story

Software-provider Invrep (now Reportally) has come up with an innovative solution that takes the pain out of creating and maintaining an effective reporting framework. Invrep provides a professional environment for companies to interact with their stakeholders.

Invrep is headed up by Stephen Findlay, who has 12 years’ VC experience, and is a trained chartered accountant and self-taught programmer. The round was led by Robert Mason, an investor with more than 35 years of investment experience, and Roger Mercer, a serial angel investor.


Where are they now?

Invrep has recently rebranded and is now Reportally - take a look at their new look website

Reportally has rebranded as BondMason, launching its P2P SIPP product in April 2017. Read more about this development.

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