Itchy Fish Film is producing The Bromley Boys, a heartwarming film about the worst football team in Britain.

SyndicateRoom helped close a round of £492,500 in October 2016, raising £68,500 via SyndicateRoom investors to assist Itch Fish Film with bringing The Bromley Boys to life.

The story

Itchy Fish Film was founded in 2012, with the aim of producing excellent quality films on sensible budgets and working with both new and established talent. _The Bromley Bo_ys features a team that has more than 200 professional credits on IMDB combined.

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The company’s Founder, TJ Herbert, won Bromley County ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ in 2012 and Fish Film picked up two awards at the 2013 International Monaco Film Festival for Best Adaptation and Best Epic/Historical film for Tragedy at Bethnal Green.

The Bromley Boys is a funny yet touching coming of age football memoir played out to the sights and sounds of late-60s/early-70s Britain. Adapted from the hilarious novel by Dave Roberts, it recounts the author’s highs and lows supporting his beloved Bromley FC through their worst ever season.

Bromley Boys Cut Out

Bumping along at the bottom of the bottom non-league division, and effectively the worst football team in Britain, Bromley FC had reached breaking point.

Desperate for a change of fortune and deluded by his own over-active imagination, Dave hatches a plan that will not only see Bromley grab the headlines, but also have a number of top-flight clubs descending upon Hayes Lane to scout Bromley’s dubiously overrated centre-forward.

Throw into the mix the Bromley Chairman’s daughter Ruby King – who actually hates football – and you have a recipe for disaster that tests Dave’s football fandom to the core. The Itchy Fish team describes the film as ‘Billy Elliot meets Bend It Like Beckham‘.

The Bromley Boys aims to highlight the truly unique factors that go into making non-league football what it is: the fans, the characters it attracts, the friendly rivalry with travelling fans, the banter with the players during the game, and the passion, loyalty and love that fans have for their own team.

Itchy Fish Film CEO and Founder TJ Herbert is an award-winning producer and actor working both sides of the camera the past 15 years. He received a BBC Scotland TV Award for Best Comedic Performance in his role as Wally O’Ga in Where’s Wally?. His screenplay Tragedy at Bethnal Green picked up Best Adaptation and Best Historical Drama at the Monaco International Film Festival last year. Recent movie credits include factual drama A Dark Reflection; critically acclaimed horror flick The Cutting Room; soon to be released snooker comedy Perfect Break; and thriller Blood Money.

The lead investor

Ken has been involved in building and successfully exiting a number of businesses, and has 20 years’ experience in the sports industry brokering the sale of a number of football clubs. He has managed and helped develop careers in sport for CEOs, football and rugby managers and players internationally. He has experience in corporate finance, acquisitions, disposals and all areas of funding. Ken is currently Chairman of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

Ken is also a Co-Founder of the Inner Circle Investment Club. With his wealth of entrepreneurial experience, he is very much involved in mentoring other entrepreneurs to reach their ambitions, providing them with a platform to showcase their projects for funding and growth.

What investors say

‘As an avid lover of film, The Bromley Boys immediately caught my eye. I was impressed by the concept and wealth of British talent involved. With my investor hat on it appeals as an EIS investment without the liquidity risk, but on a personal level I’m excited to watch the final product knowing I had a small part to play in creating it.’

– Russell Adams, investor

‘As a resident of Bromley, the film The Bromley Boys has a certain appeal to it, the adult cast looks awesome and involving local children brings a charm that is very British. Well done to all involved for making what looks to be all the right decisions.’

– Trevor Ansell, investor

‘I invested in this project simply because I thoroughly enjoy British movies, especially comedies like Bend it like Beckham, East is East etc, and think that The Bromley Boys with a football theme will do well at the box office!’

– Muzaffer Kapdi, investor

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