Kwanji Ltd

In early 2016, Kwanji’s lift round took home £496,682 of investment to help businesses primarily in emerging markets ‘to trade from anywhere to anywhere with anyone’.

The story

Kwanji is an online foreign exchange (FX) and payments (fintech) platform that provides businesses in 83 countries with unrestricted access to the very best FX rates in just 7 seconds, saving them up to 95% of their costs.

Funds raised through SyndicateRoom are being used to continue levelling the playing field in international trade, payments, fees and charges. Specifically, Kwanji is continuing to penetrate emerging markets where there is great demand for FX services but little choice when it comes to providers.

Driving this fast and focused growth are Leslie Onyesoh and William Lorenz. Leslie, who has extensive international trade and FX experience, is the business founder. William, who has joined the team as COO, was previously the founder/COO of Ixaris, which he grew to exit providing early investors with a 10x return.

The lead investors in this round were Paul Townsend, German Vegarra and Henning von Spreckelson. You can listen to Paul’s Angel Insight’s podcast here.

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Where are they now?

Kwanji has been actively expanding its trusted partner network as part of its ongoing East African business development and growth strategy, with great success. Included in the growing list of partnerships are: Samchi Credit Limited, Kenya’s leading microfinance institution; Greener Pastures Ltd, the hosts of the Global Management Challenge (GMC) in Kenya; Augentius, one of the largest independent private equity and real estate administrators in the world; Global Management Challenge Kenya, the world’s largest management and strategy competition; Niveda Group, a multi-family office comprised of East African and South Asian families; and The East Africa Venture Capital Association, which represents the private equity industry in East Africa, helping to mobilise regional investment.

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