In February 2015, laZook raised £449,472 to develop its platform and promote sales.

The story

Online markets are fragmenting as people become increasingly comfortable shopping on more focussed, expert sites.

laZook enables brands to distribute their products across a network of online ‘publishers’, or web channels, including those that previously were not transactional in nature (e.g. many blogs/editorial sites). This model benefits all parties: the websites can expand their revenue streams, while the brands gain access to new sales channels, and neither has to worry about the logistical tasks of payment, checkout and delivery, as all that is handled by laZook.

This round was led by Passion Capital: a London-based, early stage venture capital firm.

La Zook Control Your Products

Where are they now?

laZook customers include Amazon, eBay and Google, among others. In autumn 2015, laZook reported sales averaging at £60K per month, which are expected to rise to £100K for the Christmas period. The company has also completed work on the first version of its self-service platform, which will make it easier for sellers to set up shop.

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