Liopa is the company behind LipRead technology, which uses the front camera on a phone to decipher speech from lip movements.

The story

In March, Amazon confirmed that a number of its Alexa devices had started laughing – seemingly unprovoked – after picking up false positives for the command “Alexa, laugh.” Although voice-based internet searches are on the increase, audio issues such as false positives or background noise can make these problematic.

Liopa has designed LipRead, a technology that deciphers commands from lip movements, to remove the risk of audio failures whilst maintaining the convenience of hands-free browsing. Its primary focus is improving the accuracy of the voice-ui (voice user interface, VUI) which has risen in popularity. Virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa have brought VUI into the mainstream, with corporations such as Google and Sonos following their lead.

Liopa hopes to augment existing VUI systems in real-world environments, improving accuracy when background noise is present. The company calls this usage of LipRead ‘ASR-Assist’.

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