Lomi Artificial Intelligence

Lomi generates quality leads for marketing and sales teams. The business successfully closed its funding round on SyndicateRoom in November 2018.

The story

Lomi Artificial Intelligence generates quality leads for marketing and sales teams.

Generating leads is widely regarded as an expensive, time-consuming task, but it is also absolutely crucial to any sales or marketing campaign. Lomi’s SaaS proposition, Prospex, autonomously generates quality leads for sales and marketing teams, allowing them more time to focus on converting those leads into actual sales.

Lomi Artificial Intelligence has secured funding from enlightened investors and assembled a world-class team. Its advanced AI engine, LOMi, has been designed with the aim of solving people-to-people problems. Its proof of concept and first commercial application, Prospex, has been built to tackle sales lead generation. Other potential applications for the LOMi engine include recruitment and dating.

Lomi are leveraging novel technology to solve a difficult business problem with a potentially huge total addressable market (their first product can be used by any business with a sales function).

They have a unique and compelling approach to deploying their solution i.e. via a SaaS model which allows for rapid adoption and traction. They already have the MVP built and some valuable strategic partners in place e.g. Microsoft.

Jan Ralph

Lead investor

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