Mayku helps people make incredible things with beautiful tabletop machines. The FormBox is their first product, aimed at the $44bn craft market. It gives independent creators the power to make short runs of professional products from home – as simply as baking a cake.

The business successfully overfunded on SyndicateRoom in February 2019.

The story

"We're building the world's first tabletop factory. A family of mini machines that let you create incredible objects."

The tools people use to make things are getting more complex, more expensive and harder to access. Mayku believes that’s a problem, and that everyone should have the freedom to make.

Mayku is building a series of compact, desktop machines that are simple enough for anyone to use, allowing people to take control of their own production, from start to finish. The Mayku FormBox is the business's first product.

The Mayku team

The lead investor

Robert was one of the founders of the Virgin Group of Companies Chairing the Entertainment Division. He has subsequently been the Chairman of Soho House, Frieze and The Conduit. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in dozens of start-ups.

As an early-stage investor, I invest in the founders, their idea and my assessment of their ability to execute. Alex and Ben passed all three tests with flying colours. They are ambitious, imaginative, meticulous with great marketing savvy and financial acumen. Their idea meets a clear and growing demand, has several USPs and is scalable vertically and horizontally. Their ideas around building a community who would really engage on a continuous basis is a great source of value creation.

Robert Devereux


Customer testimonials

My first form perfectly done!! Soooo happy!!!

Manuel Kretzer


Finally got this beauty in. #Gamechanger

Bathesda Boutique


Love this machine. I can see so many applications for us.

Frances Shaw


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