Then operating under the name 'MCADO', Opun listed on SyndicateRoom after reaching its target from an angel syndicate of industry heavyweights, making it SyndicateRoom’s first lift round. The company went on to raise £982,997 – 131% of its original target.

The story

MCADO is led by John Cushing, one of the UK’s youngest company directors, and Rod Brown, who worked with Tesco to develop service innovations. Inspired by the success of platforms like AirBnB, the two joined forces in 2010 to disrupt the the services industry.

The web-based platform, called Opun, helps people find, negotiate, track and pay skilled, accredited tradespeople for their home improvements needs. Uniquely, both labour and parts provided by the Opun team come with a 5 year guarantee. With as many as 58% of UK homeowners currently at a loss by who to turn to for home improvements, MCADO meets a demand that exceeds supply by 10:1.

The lead investors

Lead investors in this round included investment veterans David Turnbull and Will Chawner.

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