Founded in 2016, MeasureMatch is an online network of tech & data service providers, connecting companies looking to outsource work with the professionals qualified to complete it.

The story

In the last 12 months, 65% of organisations have turned down work because they lacked the skills to complete it. Outsourcing this work could be the answer, but almost half of executives have trouble finding good contractors.

MeasureMatch is an online platform which acts as the ‘middleman’ between companies and freelance talent. It provides direct access to a global workforce of independent SaaS systems pros, data engineers and data scientists, allowing companies to recruit experts for ad hoc marketing, commerce or customer experience (CX) work.

MeasureMatch reached its MVP (minimum viable product) goal in December 2018, after its first revenue was booked off the back of a 5-star contract from Kano, the venture-backed EdTech company that provides computer kits to encourage an interest in coding.

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