Metrion Biosciences

Metrion Biosciences aim to deliver high quality ion channel drug discovery and safety profiling services to the life sciences industry.

Metrion Biosciences is currently awaiting closure pending final checks.

The story

Metrion Biosciences is a pharmaceutical contract research organisation (CRO) that specialises in the sophisticated field of “ion channel” biology. Based at Granta Park, Cambridge, Metrion delivers high quality ion channel drug discovery and safety profiling services to the life sciences industry.

Metrion’s expertise lies in its deep knowledge of ion channel screening technologies, including manual and automated assays for determining the potency and selectivity of drug compounds against a wide range of human ion channels important in medicine. The company provides expert advice and interpretation in support of client research programmes, as well as state-of-the-art cardiac safety profiling, neuroscience activity models and human translational assays.


The significance of research into ion channels is that these proteins are important therapeutic targets in a number of fatal and debilitating diseases including cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, local anaesthesia, pain, stroke, epilepsy, depression, bipolar disorder, lung disease, autoimmune disorders and diabetes. Furthermore, ion channels have proven clinical utility for the development of anaesthetics and analgesics and have important applications in testing potential toxicities of new drugs. By providing high quality ion channel data, an in-depth understanding of the target class, and targeted screening assays, Metrion facilitates more cost-effective, predictive and faster drug development for its clients.

Marc Rogers, Executive Director and Chief Scientific Officer at Metrion Biosciences, has extensive experience managing screening projects and outsourcing preclinical drug discovery work, and oversees all of Metrion’s science. Trained as a physiologist and neuroscientist, Marc undertook an extensive postdoctoral career in the US. Marc was the Founder Director of Metrion in 2015.

February 2018 update

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The lead investor

Keith McCullagh has had a long career in management and entrepreneurial leadership in pharmaceutical and bioscience R&D. He is currently non-executive chairman of Metrion Biosciences, Xention, Ario Pharma and Torpedo Factory Group and was previously chairman of Affitech, Pharmacy 2U and Clavis Pharma. From 2004 to 2008, he was CEO of Santaris Pharma, an RNA medicines company sold to Roche in 2014.

What investors say

'As a seasoned pharma and biotech industry executive, entrepreneur, and investor I was attracted by the obvious calibre of the ion channel science being carried out by Metrion and its staff. They have a track record of applying their expertise to deliver the high-quality data necessary to successfully progress drug candidates, and are now effectively applying this to the preclinical contract research sector.

The combination of a solid service business, passion for science, and the proven industry success of the founding team should create tremendous opportunities for drug discovery at Metrion and its clients and partners, and a mixture of short- and medium-term gains for their investors.'

– Dr Barry K

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