MusicGurus is an online learning platform that allows anyone to learn how to play a musical instrument from qualified, passionate music teachers.

MusicGurus completed its SyndicateRoom round in July 2016, raising £169,360.

The story

In the same way that traditional schooling and tutoring techniques are moving online, so too is the experience of learning a musical instrument. MusicGurus is an online platform that allows anyone to learn how to play an instrument from among the world’s most charismatic music teachers.

Playing a musical instrument can be tremendously rewarding and brings with it plenty of physical, psychological and social advantages, so it’s no wonder that 70% of people wished they could play.


Offering high quality, short video courses that teach people to play the musical that excites and inspires them, MusicGurus has seen 60–90% month-on-month revenue growth since launch.

Personal tuition is also available; the tutoring is asynchronous, enabling teacher and student to chat with each other and swap videos. This makes it convenient, since no scheduling is required, and the student receives a personal video that they can review as many times as they need to master that particular skill.


The company was founded by CEO, Tom Rogers. Tom has worked as a management consultant for the UK’s leading cultural sector consultancy (BOP Consulting) and in the Cancer Research UK strategy team. As an independent consultant, he has delivered multiple projects including two post-merger integrations for UK FTSE listed companies.

June 2017 update

  • Monthly repeat business for Music Gurus has risen to >30%, conversion rate of free to premium students at >7%.
  • A deal has been signed with Schott, one of Europe's largest music publishers, to collaborate on video tutorial products to accompany book releases (similar model to Amazon owned audio book company Audible).
  • Accepted to special 'founder track' of new Y Combinator online school launched pilot of new premium course product with partner Tileyard Studios, selling out in 1 week.

The lead investor

Laurence Moorse has invested £60,000 in MusicGurus. Laurence is a Chartered Accountant with almost 20 years’ experience in senior financial and board-level roles. He now works as a business mentor, consultant Chief Financial Officer and angel investor.

Laurence began his career with Deloitte, later holding senior finance roles at international technology-based businesses, including Telsis, Hamworthy plc and Quindell plc. He has completed over 50 acquisitions and disposals ranging from SMEs, to listed companies and international groups.

The team’s knowledge of their market, energy and passion for their product; their ability to build partnerships across multiple music genres, and attract great talent to create new material at an acceptable cost.

Laurence Moorse

Lead investor

What investors have to say

‘Music Gurus are a great team with a great product. They've moved incredibly fast from their relaunch in December 2015, developing the business model and securing exciting new partnerships. This my second investment with them.’

– Jiri K, SyndicateRoom investor

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