My Doc Safe

In January 2016, MyDocSafe received £150,180 of SEIS investment from David Barron and SyndicateRoom members, enabling the cloud-based file storage solution to continue product development, step up its sales and marketing and improve its infrastructure.

The story

MyDocSafe has the potential to redefine the world of online data privacy.

We have reached a critical inflection point when it comes to data privacy. On the one hand, consumers are managing more of their lives online than ever before – using cloud services to store their personal information, their finances and their memories – and, on the other, they are increasingly conscious of the security trade-offs they have to make for this convenience.

MyDocSafe’s innovative, cloud-based file storage solution has been designed to meet this challenge. Targeting companies, consumers and advisors, MyDocSafe is entering a large market that includes over 420,000 service businesses and hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide. This offers an unprecedented level of online privacy for users, wherein data always belongs to them and is under their control. It then enables third party companies or advisors to manage those documents without ever removing it from the users’ private domains.

Where are they now?

In September 2016, MyDocSafe was welcomed into Europe’s premier cyber security accelerator, CyLon, a programme run in association with Winton, one of the largest hedge funds in Europe. MyDocSafe was offered a place at CyLon after a highly competitive process and joins seven other companies for an intense 13 week programme of mentorship, networking, investor pitching and customer presentations.

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