NALIA Systems overfunded to £491,844 (126% of its target) in September 2016 with the help of 78 investors.

The story

Currently, to conclusively diagnose many diseases, patients must wait for a scheduled blood test and then wait again while complicated tests are performed in laboratory environment. Aside from the frustrating delays of waiting for test results to come through, there are significant costs associated with the transportation, processing and storage of samples.

NALIA have created a point-of-care, lab-grade diagnostics array that delivers results in 20 minutes. This gives doctors the in-house tools they require to diagnose certain diseases from within their surgery. Although still in prototype mode, a first customer has already been secured.

In addition to this potentially disruptive technology, NALIA also has an already established - revenue-generating - service, which creates tests for diseases that require custom arrays.


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