Niume Limited

Niume sped into overfunding with its second SyndicateRoom round, which successfully closed at ~£400,000 in June 2016. Niume previously raised £156,143 via SyndicateRoom in 2015.

The story

Niume is a disruptive ‘collaborative blogging’ platform which uses ‘spheres’ to organise content by subject, e.g. photography, travel, art and news. Since launching in July 2014 Niume has seen significant month-on-month user growth, surpassing 1,800,000 unique monthly users in June 2016, with its high-click-rate content being shared far and wide across social media by notable organisations and individuals including the BBC, Lonely Planet and Andy Murray.

Niume has already signed six clients from the UK and US, and is generating revenue from its content marketing services. The company has forecast these revenues will soon cover most of the running costs of the platform.

The platform’s most recent fundraise received consistently positive investor feedback; Richard Tanner, Chairman of Outdoor 365 Limited and a serial angel investor, says he invested £30,000 in this round after seeing Niume’s ‘great commercial potential’.


Niume’s first SyndicateRoom round took place last year when the young platform raised £156,143 within two weeks, surpassing its target by 50%.

August 2017 update: Niume Limited are currently in liquidation.

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