In October 2015, Noxsudor hit its overfunding target, raising £189,500 to generate the evidence required to demonstrate to regulators that its unique treatment for night sweats is a medical device, enabling that regulatory pathway.

The story

Studies indicate that up to 40% of adults currently suffer from night sweats – disruptive and upsetting hot flashes that interrupt sleep. For those suffering with cancer, specifically prostate and breast cancers, this is a side-effect that becomes debilitating, and to date there have been few effective treatments.

NoxSudor has developed CINDRON: an oral capsule containing small amounts of precisely formulated edible electrolytes, including sodium ions in the form of crystalline salts. This formulation is encased in a delivery device (capsule or pill) with a gas permeable membrane that allows water vapour to cross.

CINDRON has high-expected efficacy, low development and manufacturing costs and is patent protected. It has been developed to address the specific needs of cancer sufferers and menopausal women, and is the first treatment for this market which has no meaningful side-effects.

This was an SEIS-eligible round led by Julian Lee, a serial investor who runs an African-focused investment and advisory firm working on late stage mining and oil and gas transactions.

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Where are they now?

A number of individuals have successfully treated their hot flashes and night sweats with a food supplement version of CINDRON without any reported side effects. Every participant consulted felt that they enjoyed life-changing improvement, with a majority indicating a total elimination of the condition.

A trial in prostate cancer patients is about to launch in collaboration with Prof. David Dearnaley, Royal Marsden Hospital – one of the world’s top five cancer research institutes.

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