Nuggets is all about taking back control of your data; it allows businesses to protect their customer data, and personal information should be owned and controlled by the customer. They believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and a fundamental change is needed in the way we store personal data.

That belief manifests itself in a platform that keeps personal and payment information secure, and does away with passwords. Using Nuggets, a customer can pay, login and verify their identity without having to store their personal and payment data with anyone. Not even Nuggets itself.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in February 2020.

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The story

"These days, the average person has sensitive personal data – emails, payment card details, home addresses, passwords – stored with over 100 online accounts. And that’s set to double in the next five years"

Nuggets is an award winning B2B2C platform that keeps personal and payment information secure, and does away with passwords. Blockchain technology provides the security, while biometric verification means never having to remember another password or username.

Nuggets centralises data so its not held with each company.

Instead of handing over payment & personal information just to use an online service, the customer chooses if & when to share their data, and only on their terms. Nuggets also liberates companies from the burden of trying to manage and secure huge data silos. That removes the biggest challenge facing companies today: cybersecurity.

For consumers, Nuggets makes life simpler, faster and safer. For businesses, it spells the end of costly, damaging data breaches – as well as massively reducing fraud and false positives, and the number of sales lost to complex checkout processes.

More information can be found on the Nuggets website.

Nuggets keeps user data secure.

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