With Finance Wales, Xenos and S4C leading the funding round, OobEdoO raised £905,217 to create new content, increase subscriber numbers and further develop brand engagement.

The story

More and more of our children are using the internet. According to Offcom, 11% of 3-4 year old children in the UK have their own tablet computer. But whereas the internet can be a bountiful source of both education and entertainment, it also has its risks.

OobEdoO wants to remove those risks. The subscription app provides walled access to popular children’s TV programmes, educational games and downloadable activities featuring such beloved childrens’ characters as Bob the Builder, Ben & Holly, Fireman Sam and Teletubbies.

Further to ensuring safe browsing, parents can also monitor the development of their children through OobEdoO’s DigitalParenting® - a system which tells you what your children have been watching and playing, how long and to what effect.

Where are they now?

OobEdoO has achieved 20,000 app downloads over three months alone, and, at the time of writing, is placed second in Apple’s Preschool TV category.

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