Following a successful round on SyndicateRoom in 2016, OR Productivity raised £499,999 in July 2016.

The story

Increasingly, hospitals are favouring minimally invasive treatments, using keyhole technology to reduce the pain and risks that come with traditional surgery.

OR Productivity has developed FreeHand, a patent-protected, clinically proven robotic camera holder for keyhole surgery. It lets surgeons to directly control what they are seeing during operations; reducing operating times, surgeon fatigue, and costs.

This round was lead by Charles Breese, a sophisticated investor and fund manager with more than 30 years' experience in the finance industry. He comments:

Freehand is proving to be a very flexible platform product, which the development team can readily tailor to meet the needs of both clinicians and hospitals in different markets. I share the ORP team’s view that Freehand will become a standard of care globally, particularly as 3D cameras become more widely adopted.

A SyndicateRoom member who invested in ORP had this to say about the company:

I think this company has the potential to establish a powerful position in the area of, as the name implies, operating room productivity, saving the time of scarce clinical specialists and improving the outcomes of operations.

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