PatientSource is a software that enables medical records to be stored electronically. The company closed its round on SyndicateRoom in October 2018.

The story

One out of every four handwritten inpatient medication charts contains at least one mistake. Intentions for the NHS to become paperless by 2020 aim to change this. As well as saving the health sector billions, going paperless will enable carers and clinicians to consult patient records at the touch of a button – removing the need for repetitive data collection and the chance of erroneous write-ups.

With an integrated system that can compile various databases on one interface, PatientSource will make the right information available to the right professionals at the right moment, saving money, time and – most importantly – lives.

Founded in 2012, the team behind PatientSource have developed their clinical record solution all the way from prototype through to a market-ready product, calling upon their clinical backgrounds to deliver something user-friendly within this sector. Being a clinician-led company, PatientSource has been able to gain the approval of frontline clinical staff, something with which many other vendors in the sector have struggled.

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