Peptinnovate is a drug development company aspiring to develop a ‘first in class’ immune regulating therapy for asthma. Its products could have the ability to significantly advance the control and management of moderate to severe chronic inflammatory diseases, with the potential for immune regulation and remission.

Peptinnovate completed its SyndicateRoom round in June 2017, overfunding to £2.8m.

The story

Peptinnovate is a drug development company engaged in the research and development of medicines to control and potentially cure immuno-inflammatory diseases.

The company’s current focus is the development of a medicine to treat asthma, a common chronic respiratory problem that can be life threatening and debilitating for sufferers. Globally, asthma affects ~300 million people and is predicted to affect an additional 100 million people by 2025. The company believes there is an unmet need in the treatment of moderate to severe forms of asthma as current medicines offer only symptomatic relief rather than a cure.

Immuno-inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, atopic dermatitis and inflammatory bowel disease, result from a poorly controlled or overactive immune response. Immuno-inflammatory diseases are characterised by an increase in chronic inflammation which, if left unchecked, over time will lead to organ damage and loss of function. These diseases are often associated with increased morbidity and/or mortality.

The company’s focus is the use of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (mTB) to subvert and manipulate the human immune system; (mTB) bacteria secrete proteins that are able to modify the immune system and suppress the body’s inflammatory responses.

Peptinnovate has identified and optimised proprietary molecules derived from mTB that it believes have the potential to not only control asthma, but also lead to the remission of the disease.

Richard Nagle is the Chief Executive Officer of Peptinnovate. Richard is a life sciences entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry across the US, Europe and Australasia. He was part of the early Innovex HQ team, at the forefront of outsourcing services, where he built and managed the development of large pharmaceutical sales forces, CRA’s and marketing. Innovex was acquired by Quintiles. He was Commercial Director of Walsh/PMSI, which was acquired by IMS Health, the leading supplier of strategic research and data to the pharmaceutical industry.

In June 2017, Peptinnovate announced the appointment David Beadle as Chief Business Officer and to the Board of Directors.

David Beadle has over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare and finance industries and brings a wealth of knowledge in investment banking, finance and life sciences. David started his career working in the pharmaceutical industry for Schwarz Pharma and Schering AG in marketing and strategic development, where he was part of the global development group for oncology.

He then moved to investment banking where he built and led highly ranked healthcare equity research teams both globally and across Europe. He first joined Hoare-Govett and then moved to UBS AG investment bank where he was a Managing Director in the equities division. He was a leading and highly ranked equity research analyst in the healthcare sector for over 10 years. At UBS, David was the lead analyst on several corporate finance projects, including IPOs and M&A.

"I am delighted to welcome David to the Peptinnovate Board. Peptinnovate is at a very exciting stage as we move our lead asset through clinical development. David’s experience and network of contacts will be invaluable as we execute on our growth strategy."

  • DrAnthony Martin, Chairman of Peptinnovate.

DPTI Dr Anthony Martin, Chair of Peptinnovate

The lead investor

Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund is managed by NCL Innovation and supported by Kent County Council and the Regional Growth Fund. The Fund invested £500,00 as the lead investor for Peptinnovate during this funding round.

NCL Innovation, one of the UK's leading early-stage technology investors, set up the Discovery Park Technology Investment Fund to help cutting-edge science and technology firms get their products or treatments to market.

NCL Innovation is a commercialisation engine for innovative projects and disruptive technologies. It provides a seamless, integrated approach to deploying the relevant commercial, technical and financial skills that can surround an SME, or project developer, with the talent required to guide and accelerate their concept through to commercial reality.

\[Peptinnovate\] have really good engagement from big pharma already, and on the technology side, they have some great data to support what they're doing, they've got a strong patent portfolio, so everything came together to create a really interesting opportunity for us.

Jonathan Synett

Discovery Park Technology Investments, lead investor

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