In August 2015, 60 SyndicateRoom members helped SeeQuestor raise £871,015 to design, develop and deliver its CCTV analysing software.

The story

CCTV analysis is an integral part of maintaining the UK justice system, but it’s incredibly inefficient. After the London riots in 2011, the Metropolitan Police were tasked with analysing a gruelling 200,000 hours of footage so that suspects could be identified and the £200m worth of property damage could be accounted for. What’s more, 1.4trln hours of footage was recorded last year alone.

Led by a national security specialist, the Founder of speech recognition company Speech Machines (acquired by Philips in 2001) and a world-leader in the visual recognition of behaviour from video data, SeeQuestor has developed software that partially automates the way CCTV footage is analysed, saving the police time and money.

Addressing concerns from investors about ethics and privacy, Executive Chairman Tristram Riley-Smith said:

We are taking a strong approach to the ethical development and application of SeeQuestor, convinced that it can make the world a better and safer place. In October 2014 I visited the offices of Big Brother Watch (BBW), the UK's leading Civil Liberties lobby group, to brief BBW's Director, Emma Carr. Ms Carr was, I believe, impressed by our approach, welcoming the fact that we were working towards what she termed "Privacy by Design". We have stayed in touch with BBW, inviting them to review versions of SeeQuestor emerging from our fortnightly sprints.’

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Where are they now?

The company has been working closely with the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police to help develop its product. Furthermore, SeeQuestor has impressed the European Commission, winning a Horizon 2020 grant worth €50,000 – granted to just 5% of applicants – which also puts it in the running for phase two of the grant application, which could yield as much as €2m.

Official launch event

SeeQuestor will be holding its official launch event on the 6th October 2016 at the at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. See below or visit SeeQuestor's site for more information.

See Questor Launch

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