Shields Energy

Shields Energy has developed a solution that saves energy and operational expenses in buildings through intelligent building analytics monitoring and alerting. In contrast to current offerings, Shields’ solution can be retrofitted into existing buildings.

Shields Energy Services was an EIS investment opportunity, raising £1,089,124 via SyndicateRoom in November 2017.

The story

Shields Energy Services (Shields) operates in the emerging "energy cloud" - remote analytics - industry, forecast to be valued at $1.3 trillion in annual revenue by 2030, according to a recent report by Navigant Research.

Using Shields' software together with the devices the company has developed, clients are able to automate control of building services such as lighting, heating and air conditioning against environmental conditions, for example how dark, cold or occupied a particular area is. Adjusting settings and analysing sites are both carried out remotely, removing the need for expensive site visits. Unlike many competitors, Shields’ solutions can be fitted into in use buildings retrospectively and not just into new builds, an important USP.

Shields raised finance on SyndicateRoom with the goal of further developing and scaling its business, by continuing to invest heavily in both software and hardware R&D while at the same time increasing sales and marketing spend.

Father-and-son team Dan (CEO) and Gordon (Non-Executive Chairman) bring their deep industry experience within the green technology space to Shields, having previously founded two successful businesses in the sector. Gordon Shields (pictured) invested £200,000 into the round, matching the lead investor. Having carried out extensive due diligence, Green Angel Syndicate also decided to invest, adding £100,000 to the round.

Technical Operations Director Chris has been leading energy reduction projects since 2002 while Graham, Head of Software Development, brings broad, cross-sector experience and expertise in high throughput, low-latency systems. Finance Manager Becky has spent half a decade working in commercial finance within the utilities and infrastructure sector.

The lead investor

Michael Sofaer is the Founder of Sofaer Capital Inc., a privately-owned investment firm, and has launched and managed a number of hedge funds, including one of the first in Asia. He has served on a number of company boards internationally and is an active investor in both private and public companies. Michael also has significant philanthropic interests focused on education.

Michael has invested in many companies over the course of his 35-year career, several of which have grown from small companies into much larger publicly listed companies, including Gamma Telecom and Regenersis.

When deciding to invest, Michael looks for a committed and able management team, their use of technology, traction and the potential to scale. The company’s valuation is another important factor.

The energy market is ripe for disruption. \[Shields'\] retrofit aspect is also very interesting. It’s a huge market segment that is to a great extent unaddressed but potentially immensely valuable.

Michael Sofaer

Founder of Sofaer Capital

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