Showroom completed its SyndicateRoom lift round in November 2016 after raising £550,534.

The story

Having reached its minimum target raise amount from some trailblazing investors, Showroom launched its SyndicateRoom lift round in November 2016. Lead investor Fritz Lanman, who invested £40,000, was a senior director in corporate strategy for Microsoft and was closely involved in the company’s investment into Facebook. As an angel, his successful exits have included Square (NASDAQ IPO 2015) and Wavii (sold to Google in 2013) as well as selling his own business, LiveStar, to Pinterest.

Also investing in this round is Eduardo Castro-Wright, ex-CEO of Walmart USA, with £62,000. Under Castro-Wright, Walmart USA was the world’s third largest corporation by revenue according to the 2008 Fortune 500.

Showroom enables online shoppers to discover and buy products without leaving their favourite blogs and magazine sites.

The company provides bloggers, journalists and publishers with a new revenue stream by selling the product that they write about. Showroom makes money by charging a commission on the sales made through their platform.

Showroom intends to use funds raised through this round predominantly for the growth of the company’s commercial and technical teams as well as for further marketing.

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