StoryTerrace is a biography writing service that matches the customer with a professional writer in order to capture their life stories, turning them into specially designed and printed full-colour books.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Fund Twenty8 in January 2020 and Access EIS in July 2020.

The story

"It was only years later that I realised the adventures of my grandparents had never been documented in any way. I couldn’t recall the details of the stories that I had imagined so vividly back in years past. If only I had written them down!"

StoryTerrace was founded in 2013 by Rutger Bruining. The idea for the business came from Rutger wishing he had written down his grandfather’s life story. Rutger left a career as an investment director in private equity, to focus on his love of stories and history, and to create his business, which allows everyone to turn their life story or the stories of loved ones into a book.

StoryTerrace has more than 600 professional writers, journalists and editors available for people to choose from, to help write the story of their life. The writers are recruited from leading newspapers and publishing companies.

An introduction to StoryTerrace

The client receives a welcome letter or gift pack, depending on which package they have chosen. The process starts with the writers interviewing the client in person, often in their own home, with the interview taking a few hours. Questionnaires are provided to help jog people’s memories of what they would like to include in the book.

When the writer starts writing the story, the client can review and comment on the book as it develops. Once the story is complete, the company provides it in the form of a specially designed hardback book.

More information can be found on the StoryTerrace website.

Two books created by StoryTerrace.

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