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In April 2016, TheIdleMan completed its £1,283,974 raise to accelerate its already-impressive growth.

The story

Oliver Tezcan has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. During his role as the men’s Buying Manager for ASOS, he realised that shopping choices for men were restricted to predominantly-womenswear sites (Boohoo.com, Zalando), high-end sites (Mr Porter, End Clothing) and the relatively poor experiences of “offline” traders with an online presence (Topman). It was then that he had the inspiration for The IdleMan.

TheIdleMan.com is the first pure-play retailer dedicated to young men’s fashion. Founded in 2014 after a relatively small seed round, TheIdleMan offers a highly-curated selection of brands (and an eponymous label) to men who increasingly prize quality and identity.

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Where are they now?

TheIdleMan has grown quickly, reporting £100,000 in monthly revenues just three months after it began trading, rising to £200,000 by December 2015 following careful re-investment (and the popularity of its original content).

In April 2015, The Telegraph named TheIdleMan among the Top 5 men’s online retailers.

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