Ubiqutek has nailed its funding round on SyndicateRoom, raising £160,135 to pioneer the use of electricity in the weed control market.

The story

Across the horticultural and amenity markets there is a growing need for alternatives to herbicides. The market is being pushed and pulled away from chemical methods of weed control, which have been proven to be unsafe, inefficient and environmentally damaging, and towards a small but growing number of alternative solutions.

As the weed control market is moving away from costly and harmful chemical solutions, Ubiqutek is revolutionizing the industry using electricity, offering a greener alternative to a market that is expected to be worth £20bn by 2020. Unlike many foam or water treatments, Ubiqutek’s cheaper, more versatile process is highly targeted and kills weeds from tip to root.

The lead investors in this round were Derek Benton and James Parker. Funding will be used to complete product enhancements, invest in marketing and sales, complete extensive trials with early adopters and grow the team.

Where are they now?

Ubiqutek won the first phase of Horizon 2020 – an EU wide research and innovation programme that invests in breakthrough products, discoveries and world-firsts. The company is also working with the Environment Agency to understand the best approach to treating Japanese Knotweed using electrical methods.

Ubiqutek's first product, Touch, is ready for market and the company has already secured a sale with Canadian firm, Wild Blueberries – one of the largest wild blueberry growers in the world. Furthermore, leading UK input supplier Rigby Taylor has committed to promoting and distributing Ubiqutek’s ‘Touch’ hand-weeder as part of its integrated approach to vegetation management.

February 2018 update

Ubiqutek are announced as winners in the startup category at the Institute of Engineering and Technology Awards 2017. Read more on the story.

Watch the videos below about RootWave technology, the organic weed killer which uses electricides to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards.

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