Settled is preparing to use the £260,150 invested by SyndicateRoom members to get the word out to more people about its unique, disruptive property marketplace, and to expand its revenue stream opportunities.

The story

Settled’s founders began their careers as estate agents. They became online experts, and worked for some of the world’s largest digital technology companies. It was their intricate knowledge of the property market industry that enabled them to create Settled.

Settled makes moving easier. The process has been completely redesigned to remove the middleman and give control back to consumers for a seamless, inexpensive journey. Its business model taps into the £3bn currently paid on estate agent fees, the £246bn mortgage industry and the £5bn conveyancing sector – to name a few.

The lead investor in this round is the Managing Director of Agencies across Europe for Google Europe. Settled is also backed by Facebook's Head of European Partner Marketing.

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Where are they now?

Settled launched in January and has already successfully helped people to sell and buy homes, saving the average seller more than £4000.

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