Value Chain Lab

Value Chain Lab successfully overfunded to £639,000 in its 2016 round on SyndicateRoom.

The story

Thanks to emerging technologies and changes in consumer behaviour, supply chain logistics are becoming more complex than ever. Vast amounts of data are now being produced minute-by-minute, and these need to be analysed in order to maintain and improve services. Moreover, the pressure on those managing such operations to remove inefficiencies and value leakages throughout global supply chains is constantly growing.

Value Chain Lab (VCL) is a first-of-its kind solution for the management of supply chain logistics, using emerging technologies to help management teams make decisions and remove logistics waste to meet the needs of increasingly complex environments.


The global logistics market is worth $1.5 trillion–$2 trillion, and VCL’s direct addressable market is estimated to be c.$10bn–15bn. This is continuously growing at a rate of 5–7% per annum, driven by the increasing complexity of operations, client demand and volume of data.

VCL has created a unique hosted software platform that offers clients an end-to-end solution incorporating reporting, analytical insights and actions to identify and remove losses along the supply chain.

The company secured Costa Coffee as an early adopter in the UK market and was running pilot projects with P&G (EMEA), Diageo, SAB Miller and HB Fuller at the time of the fundraise (March 2016).

You can visit Value Chain Lab’s website here.

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