When it comes to getting personalised physical and mental coaching, which isn’t affordable by most, women solely represent a shy 10% of all sports coaches and close to no research has been performed on female athletes. These frustrations became the seeds for WILD.AI and main drivers to address an unmet need in women’s health.

The business funded on SyndicateRoom through Access EIS in March 2020.

The story

"Women have for too long been underserved and badly served for a wide range of products and services making them an eldorado for ambitious entrepreneurs and investors wanting to enter a nascent bus fast-growing industry."

Founded by Hélène Guillaume, a former Hedge Fund quant and Management Consultant, WILD.AI’s vision is to “become the Bloomberg of female data”. Hélène, a keen triathlete and ultra-marathoner, has always been frustrated by the lack of personalised medical and training research for women and has had to train with men, like a man. However, women are very different from men: their physiology and metabolism, reaction to pain, joint laxity, the way they digest, absorb nutrients, variations of heart rate at all times, are all different.

Using innovative data analysis and AI, WILD.AI offers women insights into their physiology that are unprecedented in both breadth and depth. The aim is to establish research collaborations with universities, pushing tech as a research and data collection tool.

WILD.AI leverages machine learning to identify and provide specific recommendations, to construct individual plans that adapt daily, improving cycle after cycle.

The WILD.AI app

"Women are finally in the spotlight. This time around, however, not for their looks or as a by-product of male-dominated research. Women embrace products designed with them in mind, empowering them to better understand themselves and receive actionable insights to reach their best selves."

This is the first step ahead of creating the platform for female health, enabling anyone to add the layer of intelligence of "what is a woman" to their data - think insurers, pharma, tech products

More information can be found on the WILD.AI website.

The WILD.AI app

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