Featuring in the latest episode of Angel Insights is our own CTO and Co-Founder, Mr Tom Britton.

Tom comes from a product development background. He was part of the team behind Trainline’s mobile app before going to to do his MBA at Cambridge, where he met Gonçalo, with whom he would later create SyndicateRoom.

So, what unique insights has Tom gleaned? What sort of business is right for crowdfunding?

‘If you have two or three hundred people [in the crowd],’ says Tom, ‘and you’re a small company out there talking about your business, your products, getting other people engaged – that’s the best form of marketing you have. The passionate people who believe in you enough will put money in you.’

Find out more in this episode, including Tom’s thoughts on the future of crowdfunding in fluctuating credit cycles and the effect of JOBS Act Title III.

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