A highly active week in the international press last week, which naturally instigated some moves on the markets.

Friday saw airlines and travel stocks in particular experiencing strong downward price pressure in light of the terrorist attacks. Overall, however, the FTSE closed higher for a fourth consecutive week for a cumulative 5% gain since the EU referendum vote, albeit with defensive issues pacing gains in the form of advances for tobacco and pharmaceuticals. The general feel around the market, however, is very much ‘risk-off’ in terms of sentiment, with investors preferring safety and yield over growth opportunities.

On Brexit (again), while many see a depreciation in currency as a negative issue, there are many benefits also. Sterling’s post-Brexit tumble is set to deliver a multi-billion-pound boost to UK investors this year following record dividend payouts in the last quarter. Shareholders are expected to take home more than £82.5bn in headline dividends in 2016 as sterling’s Brexit devaluation helps to drive forecast payouts for the year up by £4.3bn.