All about the Deepbridge Innovation SEIS Fund

The Deepbridge Innovation SEIS fund aims to invest in a portfolio of seed-stage innovation companies in one of the following sectors:

  • Energy and resource innovation.
  • Medical technologies and diagnostics.
  • Business enterprise information technology.
  • Data analytics.
  • Transport & automotive innovation.
  • Instrumentation and control technologies.
  • Advanced materials and manufacturing.
  • Robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

The fund aims to back companies with novel approaches to meeting the existing and emerging requirements and demands of both corporate and consumer markets. To qualify, companies show the following:

  1. Significant market potential with clear and demonstrable consumer or commercial need or demand;
  2. Innovation-driven solutions that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current market offerings;
  3. Technology-derived platform and/or an innovative approach to meet a newly identified or existing market or consumer demand;
  4. Technology-driven opportunities that possess a clear and realistic path to the delivery of a minimum viable product or prototype;
  5. A clearly defined strategy aimed at preserving and protecting intellectual property;
  6. Passionate, energetic and experienced founding team; and
  7. Clear exit strategy to be implemented within a minimum of 5 years with alignment of founder interests with the shareholders.


Fund Manager: Deepbridge Capital
Tax Efficiency: SEIS
Sector Focus: Technology
Stage Focus: Seed
Target Portfolio Size: 6-10 companies
Minimum Subscription: £25,000
Closing Date: Currently closed
Website: Learn more about Deepbridge Innovation SEIS Fund

Pros & Cons

Pro: Investors who come through advisors pay no fees so the full of their investment into the fund is deployed and thus is eligible for SEIS relief. Deepbridge Capital was founded in 2010 and is an established firm that runs multiple SEIS, EIS and other tax-efficient funds.

Con: While no fees for investors is a good thing the fees to the companies mean they have less capital to put and are required to pay the fund manager until there is an exit for the business.


Full initial fee: 2.5% direct, 0% advised
Annual management fee: nil
Administration fee nil
Performance fee: 20% of cash returned in excess of 150% of the funds invested

Investee company fees

Dealing fee: 0.65% on purchase of shares
Annual maintenance fee: 2% of the funds invested in the company
Annual custody: 0.5%

How does SyndicateRoom's Access EIS Fund compare?

By comparison, SyndicateRoom's Access EIS fund builds investors a large portfolio of 50+ companies across all sectors, co-investing with experienced angel investors who have an average IRR of 42%. Our model is based on our proprietary analysis of the UK startup market, which showed that on average, the market grows by 28% each year. With large portfolios, and a large network of angels providing access to the best deals, earlier, we aim to replicate that annual growth for our investors while mitigating risk. This data-driven approach aims to work around the limitations of a single fund manager attempting to pick winners.

Our minimum investment is £5,000.

Fund Manager: SyndicateRoom
Tax Efficiency: EIS
Sector Focus: Sector Agnostic
Stage Focus: Early-stage
Target Portfolio Size: 50+ companies
Minimum Subscription: £5,000
Closing Date: Evergreen
Website: Learn more about the Access EIS Fund
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