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  • 18-Mar-22

    Access EIS invested in Hoxton Analytics HoxtonAi offers people count and occupancy measurement and analysis, aiming to optimise the use and planning of physical spaces, which account for 50% of the world’s resource usage. Hoxton Analytics

  • 16-Mar-22

    Access EIS invested in Slip Slip is an award winning startup looking to humanise digital receipts and customer information. It's proprietary tech provides a robust solution for consumers and retailers to transform transactions and receipt waste into meaningful interactions. Slip

  • 24-Feb-22

    Access EIS invested in Learney Learney is an online AI tutor that accelerates learning for knowledge work, adapting to the user by continuous assessment through short questions, and guiding their next steps. It presents knowledge as a system of nodes, and aids users in finding the best path to their goals, while drawing on the principle findings of cognitive science on learning and memory. Learney

  • 24-Feb-22

    Access EIS invested in Bedfolk Bedfolk aims to set a new standard for comfort, using some of the best mills and makers in the world to create a curated collection of wind down and relaxation essentials, including duvets, pillows, and towels. Bedfolk

  • 25-Jan-22

    Access EIS invested in Stelar Working directly with artisans in Bali to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted accessories that have history and meaning, STELAR is re-imagining indigenous skills that have been passed down from generation to generation to create long-term positive impact and sustainable livelihoods within the communities that most rely upon them. Stelar

  • 25-Jan-22

    Access EIS invested in Spoke The SPOKE app consists of music and lyricism-led mindfulness sessions aimed at helping the world's most creative, active minds feel at ease. It brings together lo-fi beats, ambient sounds and proven mindfulness techniques in a personalised audio experience led by some of the world's most talented lyricists and producers. Spoke

  • 20-Jan-22

    Access EIS invested in Oxford Drug Design Oxford Drug Design, an advanced spinout from Oxford University, is an innovative biotechnology company discovering and developing novel therapeutics supported by pioneering computational methods. Oxford Drug Design

  • 23-Dec-21

    Access EIS invested in ID Ward ID Ward is a decentralised advertising platform that allows accurate targeting, retargeting and attribution without personal data. It uses a patent-pending identity technology and on-device machine learning to collect, aggregate and anonymise data on the consumer device. ID Ward

  • 12-Nov-21

    Access EIS invested in Basket The Basket app gives users a central shopping basket which they can fill with items from almost anywhere on the internet, even from photos. It compares prices and shows users where to get the best deal, while allowing plenty of customisation of your baskets. Basket

  • 9-Nov-21

    Access EIS invested in Rype Office Rype returns high quality used furniture to as-new condition and makes innovative furniture from waste materials, reducing carbon emissions by 80%. It also offers free award-winning assistance with sustainable office design. Rype

  • 8-Oct-21

    Access EIS invested in Rosecut Rosecut combines expert insights and learning algorithms to provide impartial digital investment advice services while keeping fees lower for investors. Rosecut

  • 29-Sep-21

    Access EIS invested in Society The free Society® app offers students and clubs an instant branded app to increase engagement. Society

  • 27-Sep-21

    Access EIS invested in Jove Jove is an insurtech company providing flexible bundled insurance for contractors and freelancers. Jove

  • 31-Aug-21

    Access EIS invested in Stamp Free The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ is a modern alternative to traditional mailing & returns, built on AI technology and delivered via a digital app, without the need for stamps or postage labels. Stamp Free

  • 10-Aug-21

    Access EIS invested in Raindrop Raindrop is a fully digital and flexible pension solution. It works to reunite savers with their lost pensions and bring all their fragmented pots together into one, easy-to-use and flexible pension. Raindrop

  • 9-Jul-21

    Access EIS invested in ARC Club ARC Club is a professional workplace and shared space for the neighbourhood, offering the best of the office – meeting rooms, phone booths, wifi, and fostering community. Arc

  • 1-Jul-21

    Access EIS invested in Juggle A digital platform for companies to find, onboard, pay and manage, experienced, diverse and flexible professionals. Juggle

  • 18-Jun-21

    Access EIS invested in Medwise Medwise is an artificial intelligence-powered clinical question answering platform. It applies state-of-the-art AI models to provide comprehensive, concise and evidence-based information to doctors. Medwise

  • 08-Jun-21

    Access EIS invested in Pango Pango provides a research and planning tool to aid teachers in preparing lessons and monitoring progress in line with curriculum. Pango

  • 21-May-21

    Access EIS invested in R.A.D Footwear RAD Footwear is creating performance footwear, apparel and accessories for the CrossFit community. RAD Footwear

  • 21-May-21

    Access EIS invested in Shrap Shrap enables users to pay and be paid in cash, with no need for coins. Shrap

  • 19-May-21

    Access EIS invested in Rise & Fall Exceptionally comfortable sheets made in the right way. Rise & Fall

  • 12-May-21

    Access EIS invested in Oceanium Oceanium develops innovative, all-natural products from sustainably-sourced seaweed Oceanium

  • 11-May-21

    Access EIS invested in ScaleXP ScaleXP provides tools to drive faster growth through automated, insight driven reports. ScaleXP

  • 10-May-21

    Access EIS invested in EXi EXi is an evidence-based, NHS approved and award-winning app which analyses user health and fitness and prescribes a personalised physical activity programme. EXi

  • 27-Apr-21

    Access EIS invested in Dropless Dropless is a fully digital service that allows you to easily schedule, manage and pay for a car wash or valet in seconds. Dropless

  • 21-Apr-21

    Access EIS invested in Picfair Picfair is an online marketplace for photographers to sell their work that handles sales, logistics, licensing and production of prints. Picfair

  • 31-Mar-21

    Access EIS invested in Thrive Thrive is an evidence-based smartphone application providing in-depth tools and support to help users improve their mental wellbeing. Thrive

  • 23-Mar-21

    Access EIS invested in BKwai BKwai delivers insights to engineers using world-class research and applied technology to support a more resilient built environment. BKwai

  • 1-Mar-21

    Access EIS invested in Hoptroff A network-delivered, traceable, and highly accurate timing solution deployed via software to makes sure your technology is always on time. Hoptroff

  • 1-Mar-21

    Access EIS invested in Kuano Kuano is de-risking and accelerating drug discovery by combining quantum and AI. Kuano

  • 25-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in OneBanks A physical presence for digital banks. OneBanks

  • 17-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Zentraxa Using precision bioengineering to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with synthetic biopolymers. Zentraxa

  • 15-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Somaserve A pioneer in nanomedicines for crossing biological barriers. Somaserve

  • 15-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Novai Novai's DARC Technology combines an innovative patented biologic with a state-of-the-art AI algorithm to identify cellular level disease activity. Novai

  • 11-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Boutros Bear A platform and app that delivers cancer prehabilition and rehabilition and preventive healthy lifestyle courses using scientifically proven methods. Boutros Bear

  • 09-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Once I've Gone Storing your important information and making it available to the right people at the right time. Once I've Gone

  • 02-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in Evince Redefining 21st century electronics with the first truly new class of devices in 60 years, made possible with synthetic diamond. Evince

  • 01-Feb-21

    Access EIS invested in MnAI A comprehensive source for company and personnel data that aims to reduce the time it takes to identify and understand a business from months to minutes. mnAI

  • 21-Jan-21

    Access EIS invested in SolasCure Wound care products. Its first, Aurase, aims to ease the management of chronic wound processes. SolasCure

  • 06-Jan-21

    Access EIS invested in ApTap Managing your utility bills and subscriptions by recommending better offers. Working with Natwest and TSB Labs. ApTap

  • 22-Dec-20

    Access EIS invested in Buveur Handmade small-batch cocktails using only British ingredients. Sold in Selfridges and Hilton hotels. Buveur

  • 26-Nov-20

    Access EIS invested in Interpac A cardboard corrugator which does not rely on steam, making it a fraction of the size and cost of conventional machines. Interpac

  • 25-Nov-20

    Access EIS invested in MPowder A unique range of high protein vegan powders designed to nourish your body, naturally, during menopause. MPowder

  • 20-Nov-20

    Access EIS invested in Spirea Targeting cancer cells in chemotherapy with more flexibility and increasing the range of treatable patients. Spirea

  • 15-Oct-20

    Access EIS invested in NearSt Showing in-store products in search results to attract nearby customers. Partnered with Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics. NearSt

  • 7-Oct-20

    Access EIS invested in CatchApp Scheduling genius for meetings and appointments. CatchApp

  • 6-Oct-20

    Access EIS invested in Tymit Credit card that breaks purchases into monthly installments. Tymit

  • 30-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in Themis Mitigate the risks and impact of all financial crime. Themis

  • 30-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in Nivoda The trusted B2B platform for the global jewellery industry. Nivoda

  • 26-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in Pillar Personalised training and nutrition app for amateur endurance sports. Pillar

  • 17-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in FuroSystems Reinvent your commute with ultra-lightweight folding electric bikes and scooters. FuroSystems

  • 07-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in Camallergy Developing life-saving treatments for food allergies. Featured in BBC, Wall Street Journal, and New Scientist. Camallergy

  • 07-Sep-20

    Access EIS invested in Cudoni The simple way to sell your pre-owned luxury goods. Cudoni

  • 28-Jul-20

    Access EIS invested in Freehand Cost-effective robotic systems for surgeons and hospitals. Freehand

  • 17-Jul-20

    Access EIS invested in Mayku Create short runs of professional products from your home. Customers also include NASA, Nike, and Nestlé. Mayku

  • 17-Jul-20

    Access EIS invested in InfloAI SEO blogging platform for marketers. InfloAI

  • 17-Jul-20

    Access EIS invested in StoryTerrace Capture your family's stories with the help of a professional writer. Pitched and received offer on BBC's Dragons' Den.

  • 08-Jul-20

    Access EIS invested in Torsion Limit data breaches and achieve your compliance goals. Torsion

  • 02-Jun-20

    Access EIS invested in Just Move In From council tax to your TV licence, Just Move In sorts all the services you need for your new home. Rated Excellent on Trustpilot with 600+ reviews. Just Move In

  • 14-May-20

    Access EIS invested in Spotta The smart way to get rid of pests. Spotta

  • 12-May-20

    Access EIS invested in Sorex Sensors Sensors able to weigh a single bacterium. Developed at Cambridge University. Sorex Sensors

  • 07-May-20

    Access EIS invested in Pharmenable Save time and money in early-stage drug discovery. Powered by artificial intelligence. Pharmenable

  • 28-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Oxwash Space-age laundry service. Backed by Twitter co-founder. Oxwash

  • 21-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in STARSTOCK Online wholesale for the drinks industry. STARSTOCK

  • 21-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Mintago Unbiased financial education. Mintago

  • 21-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Kluster Enterprises Build your sales machine. Kantar Media are customers. Kluster Enterprises

  • 21-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Lumi-Plugin Bringing indoor lighting into the 21st Century. Lumi-Plugin

  • 21-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Thermulon Fire-resistent, affordable building insulation. Thermulon

  • 03-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Nix&Kix “Grown-up” soft drinks with added chilli. Stocked in Tesco, Sainsburys & all good supermarkets. Nix&Kix

  • 03-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in Rota Geek Machine learning-driven workforce management. Pret-a-Manger, O2 and Dune are customers. Rota Geek

  • 03-Apr-20

    Access EIS invested in NX3 Technologies AI-powered note taking assistant. Harvard and Cornell universities are clients. NX3 Technologies

  • 25-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in Zeigo Zeigo is a renewable energy tech platform that aims to standardise and simplify aggregated procurement of renewable energy from medium and large enterprises to facilitate deployment. Zeigo

  • 23-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in APEXX Build your perfect global payments system. Investors include Forward Partners and MMC Ventures. APEXX

  • 23-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in Wild Technologies AI Wild.AI is a fitness and training app for athletes and coaches that takes into account the specifics of female physiology.

  • 18-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in Keakie Music platform for afrobeats, trap, grime, hip-hop and alternative music. Keakie

  • 18-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in Epipole Hand-held video cameras for retinal imaging. Winner of Novartis Ophthalmology Innovation Challenge. Epipole

  • 05-Mar-20

    Access EIS invested in Hatch Financial Planning Affordable financial advice. Over 60,000 users. Hatch Financial Planning

  • 21-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in inploi Publish jobs and communicate with candidates. Clients include Dirty Martini, Mandrake and PPHE Hotel Group.

  • 21-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in 8power Easily moniter enormous infrastructure networks. Developed and patented at Cambridge University. 8power

  • 21-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in TheCareRooms Solving the NHS's capacity crisis with an Airbnb-style business model. TheCareRooms

  • 19-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in Sook Retail Hire an entire shop front by the hour.

  • 19-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in HOP Vietnamese Fast-growing chain of Vietnamese street food. HOP Vietnamese

  • 15-Feb-20

    Access EIS invested in Nuggets Control your data when making payments. Nuggets

  • 07-Feb-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in PirkX Perks and benefits for gig economy workers PirkX

  • 08-Jan-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Travel Curious VIP tours around the world's greatest cities. Rated 'Excellent' by hundreds of customers on Trustpilot. Travel Curious

  • 03-Jan-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in StoryTerrace Capture your family's stories with the help of a professional writer. Pitched and received offer on BBC's Dragons' Den.

  • 03-Jan-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Neurofenix Stroke rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home. Backed by Abcam founder. Neurofenix

  • 03-Jan-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Powervault Store and use re-newable energy at home. Product Innovation of the Year winner at Sustainability Leaders Awards. Powervault

  • 02-Jan-20

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Placed Recruitment Jobs board for the hospitality sector. Finding workers for over 900 venues and brands in London. Placed Recruitment

  • 23-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Ask Inclusive Finance Group Holding Loans for underbanked businesses but credit-worthy businesses. Backed by Funding Circle co-founder.

  • 23-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Tickr Investing app with social and green credentials. Featured by The Times. Tickr

  • 23-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in InfloAI SEO blogging platform for marketers. InfloAI

  • 06-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Trade Ledger Everything you need to run a digital bank. Used by UK Barclays Ventures. Trade Ledger

  • 06-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Robotical Build and code your own robot. Robotical

  • 03-Dec-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Multiply AI Get a free financial plan. Over 20,000 users and advised on over £1bn of assets.

  • 29-Nov-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Appsumer Analyse in detail how people use your mobile app. Customers include the Trainline. Appsumer

  • 29-Nov-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Cyclr Systems Easily intergrate hundreds of software platforms to your business. Cyclr Systems

  • 08-Nov-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Poro Technologies Designers of high performance semi-conductors. Cambridge University spin-out. Poro Technologies

  • 27-Sep-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in HubBox Click & collect software for retailers. Customers include Boohoo, Warehouse and Whistles. HubBox

  • 24-Sep-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in METADATAWORKS Keep your big data clean. Used by Genomics England. METADATAWORKS

  • 12-Sep-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Homeppl Quick and easy tenent validation. Used by thousands of landlords worldwide. Homeppl

  • 30-Aug-19

    Fund Twenty8 IV invested in Herddle Group Manage your rental properties in a single app. Herddle Group

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