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    • 31-Aug-21

      Access EIS invested in Stamp Free The Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution™ is a modern alternative to traditional mailing & returns, built on AI technology and delivered via a digital app, without the need for stamps or postage labels. Stamp Free

    • 10-Aug-21

      Access EIS invested in Raindrop Raindrop is a fully digital and flexible pension solution. It works to reunite savers with their lost pensions and bring all their fragmented pots together into one, easy-to-use and flexible pension. Raindrop

    • 9-Jul-21

      Access EIS invested in ARC Club ARC Club is a professional workplace and shared space for the neighbourhood, offering the best of the office – meeting rooms, phone booths, wifi, and fostering community. Arc

    • 1-Jul-21

      Access EIS invested in Juggle A digital platform for companies to find, onboard, pay and manage, experienced, diverse and flexible professionals. Juggle

    • 18-Jun-21

      Access EIS invested in Medwise Medwise is an artificial intelligence-powered clinical question answering platform. It applies state-of-the-art AI models to provide comprehensive, concise and evidence-based information to doctors. Medwise

    • 08-Jun-21

      Access EIS invested in Pango Pango provides a research and planning tool to aid teachers in preparing lessons and monitoring progress in line with curriculum. Pango

    • 21-May-21

      Access EIS invested in R.A.D Footwear RAD Footwear is creating performance footwear, apparel and accessories for the CrossFit community. RAD Footwear

    • 21-May-21

      Access EIS invested in Shrap Shrap enables users to pay and be paid in cash, with no need for coins. Shrap

    • 19-May-21

      Access EIS invested in Rise & Fall Exceptionally comfortable sheets made in the right way. Rise & Fall

    • 12-May-21

      Access EIS invested in Oceanium Oceanium develops innovative, all-natural products from sustainably-sourced seaweed Oceanium


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