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    • 25-Nov-20

      Access EIS invested in MPowder A unique range of high protein vegan powders designed to nourish your body, naturally, during menopause. MPowder

    • 20-Nov-20

      Access EIS invested in Spirea Targeting cancer cells in chemotherapy with more flexibility and increasing the range of treatable patients. Spirea

    • 15-Oct-20

      Access EIS invested in NearSt Showing in-store products in search results to attract nearby customers. Partnered with Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics. NearSt

    • 7-Oct-20

      Access EIS invested in CatchApp Scheduling genius for meetings and appointments. CatchApp

    • 6-Oct-20

      Access EIS invested in Tymit Credit card that breaks purchases into monthly installments. Tymit

    • 30-Sep-20

      Access EIS invested in Themis Mitigate the risks and impact of all financial crime. Themis

    • 30-Sep-20

      Access EIS invested in Nivoda The trusted B2B platform for the global jewellery industry. Nivoda

    • 26-Sep-20

      Access EIS invested in Pillar Personalised training and nutrition app for amateur endurance sports. Pillar

    • 17-Sep-20

      Access EIS invested in FuroSystems Reinvent your commute with ultra-lightweight folding electric bikes and scooters. FuroSystems

    • 07-Sep-20

      Access EIS invested in Camallergy Developing life-saving treatments for food allergies. Featured in BBC, Wall Street Journal, and New Scientist. Camallergy


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