Bridging the Equity Divide


Bridging the Equity Divide – a new, industry-defining report on UK investors – reveals that only a small percentage of British residents hold equity investments in either private or public companies. This means that millions of people are still being left out – and their long-term wealth is suffering.

You’ll be joining a nationwide call for greater, democratised investment. This is about reaching the next 10 million people.

This is about bridging the equity divide.

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  • Described as the ‘funniest woman to come out of Westminster’, Julia will be chairing proceedings and adding commentary to the report findings.

    Julia Hartley-Brewer
    Political and current affairs broadcaster and writer


  • Nikhil was appointed CEO of LSE plc in September 2015 and is a member of the LSEG Executive Committee, before which he served as Private Secretary to the UK Prime Minister (2005–08).

    As well as speaking at the event, Nikhil will be presenting the findings of the Bridging the Equity Divide industry-wide report.

    Nikhil Rathi
    CEO, LSE plc and Director of International Development, LSEG


  • Rupert Hume-Kendall is Ex-Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, veteran City dealmaker and one of London’s best-known bankers. During his career Hume-Kendall advised clients including Diageo, Lloyds Bank, RBS and O2.

    Rupert will be joining us at Bridging the Equity Divide to share his experience and discuss the future of banking.

    Rupert Hume-Kendall
    Ex-Chairman of Bank of America
    Merrill Lynch


  • Having invested substantially in the last SyndicateRoom fundraise, super-angel Jonathan Milner looks back at the business’s progress over the last 12 months.

    Jonathan Milner
    Lead investor and non-executive director, SyndicateRoom


  • Before co-founding SyndicateRoom, Tom led the development effort of the world’s first train ticketing mobile application at Trainline, in addition to product-managing the rollout of their web platforms.

    In his talk, Tom will be discussing the vital role that access plays in driving innovation.

    Tom Britton
    Co-founder and CTO
    at SyndicateRoom


  • Gonçalo pioneered the award-winning investor-led crowdfunding model with the launch of UK-based crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom, which he co-founded with the company’s CTO, Tom Britton.

    Gonçalo is an active speaker in the UK alternative finance space and is a regular Forbes contributor.

    Gonçalo de Vasconcelos
    Co-founder and CEO
    at SyndicateRoom