AB Dynamics


AB Dynamics designs, manufactures and supplies advanced testing and measurement products to the automobile industry


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ABD was founded in 1982 by a former Rolls-Royce Cars suspension specialist. The first product launched was a Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine, which sells for around £2m and is used by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) during product development. From this starting point, AB Dynamics recognised the opportunity to automate some of the functions associated with vehicle development, including certainty of the work undertaken by test drivers, thus improving both repeatability of tests and also the collection of data.

As the Watcher of this company, Charles Breese sees great upside in this stock and highlights the following as main reasons for his investment in ABD:


Watcher Charles Breese

… he therefore gave me the confidence that he has the technical ability to create game-changing products, but also knowledge of how to scale the business appropriately.

Charles Breese
Professional AIM Investor






The outlook

The following information is taken from ABD's 2016 Interim Results presentation. 

ABD is experiencing growth from a number of key market drivers: global safety standards in driving demand for ADAS testing technology, which ABD provides; global automotive R&D spending continues to increase year on year; and use of computer-aided design (CAD) and simulation modelling is increasing.

ABD continues to drive growth through investment in key areas: the expansion of production capacity with new 32,957 sq ft facility scheduled to open in 2017; the improvement of regional customer technical support, notably in Japan, Germany and China; and ongoing recruitment of high-calibre personnel.

New product development is another growth factor, leveraging funds for: development of new driverless test track applications – ‘Automated Proving Grounds’; development of new lab testing technology – ‘Driver in Loop Simulator’ technology; and building of the new facility and expansion of R&D capabilities.


Current market cap: ~£82m   |   Sector: Automotives   |   Listing date: 22 May 2013

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